To family & friends,

Since we humans are subject to time, we need to mark the beginning and end of things. After a season of a lot of conversations, praying, and seeking, I am transitioning away from my full-time role at Experience Mission starting today.

In this new season, I'm stepping out in faith and trusting that God will lead me to what's next. I leave EM with a full heart and with great anticipation of how God will continue to work through me and Megan.

To share a little bit of my heart with you; I feel that God continues to ask more of me. To leave my comfort aside, to continue to seek Him, and to go deeper. Honestly, these feelings and this calling is something that I need to figure out on my own. It’s an interesting stage of life to be in. It’s not easy to leave everything I know behind and step out into this upcoming season of uncertainty, but it is with anticipation that I look towards what God has for me in the near future.

In this last decade of ministry, I was challenged to live recklessly and selflessly for others. I learned to fully rely on God, to lead and love like Jesus. It was in this season when Megan and I met. It's been where my worldview and theology was shaped and challenged. At the end of it all, it's where I deeply fell in love with diverse cultures, people and Jesus.

As I walk through this transition, my continued prayer will be 2 Corinthians 12:15, in which Paul writes, “I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls.” One thing that I learned at EM is that there is no greater treasure than to witness firsthand God working in the lives of others, and along the way, God working in ours. I pray that as God continues to lead me to whatever is next, that we will all most gladly spend and be spent for the sake of His Kingdom.

Anticipating what's next,


Yonathan Moya